My mission is to help small and medium businesses and navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.

Working with clients from
Perfectly know All Internet Marketing Platforms and know how to use them to solve your business task

Targeted ads.
Marketing Strategy
Engaging and Unique Posts
Set up a chatbot

What problems are addressed to me?

Roma! Competitors are growing but we are not :( I am absolutely sure that we and our contractor are doing something wrong.
How to grow my audience? I need to reach your target audience get more thoughtful comments and drive consideration.
I don't have time I'm a very busy person. Can you take on full-fledged comprehensive promotion?
Roman, our sales are falling.
We are Ready to try, test different options. We want growth, can you take on the project?
English School
Clothing store
Now everyone is fighting for business survival. I know it's not so easy for entrepreneurs, so I offer free diagnostics of your sales and marketing.
Check your traffic, landing pages, orders management, your business goals. Based on this, we will make a sales and marketing development plan
Your marketer
Roman Zakiev

About me

Working with different businesses- from small companies to well-known brands

Clients from the CIS countries and the European Union with budgets up to $50,000.

The average LTV is more than one year of working with one client

I have been studying for 5 years with the best teachers all over the world in the field of Internet marketing. The training takes place at such sites as Meta Coursera.
5 years of experience in digital
Launching a business
Client projects

Under what conditions do I work

The exact cost depends on your budget
The minimum cost of cooperation per month for one site.
We get acquainted and integrate into each other's processes, create an atmosphere of comfort and productivity, bring out goals.
Gathering your information, analyzingn, creating a vision and strategy I give recommendations on design and content.
Enter details about the audience you want to target your ads to, and enter a budget for the ad.
We sign the contract, and starting to implement the project.
Мнимальный ежемесячный бюджет для одной площадки.
Anton Usenko
"Usenko and Lawyers"
Danil Rusanov
Natalia Katryaeva
Olga Polyanskaya
"Debt Settlement Service"
Elvira Yulamanova
English School
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